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Why bring me flowers when I’m dead? When you had the time to do it when I was alive.

Is the title of my working photographic series where I make trips to the Downtown LA Flower Mart once a week. I select different combinations of flora for an arrangement of flowers for my home and for the home of my grandmother. Then I take pictures of the flowers in my home and I take a bouquet of flowers over to her house . The zine contains pictures of the bouquets that I give my grandma combined with poetry, sayings, and quotes from my grandmothers story that expresses the love and relationship we share. The layout is designed to take you through layers of paper that accent colors of the floral imagery with different sizes, shapes, translucency, and little texture surprises that pop off the white paper.


These 20x20 inch scarves are mini editions of my larger visual work dealing with the same subject matter as my zine. Within my overarching theme of grandma love, amor eternal, I’ve printed my photographs on fabric to be used as a handkerchief, as an outfit or bag accessory, or on hung off your wall in an obscure way.


Abuela and Grandpa met in a diner in Compton.

Hernandez and Romine

She was going out dancing with her friends.

He was an Oakie from Tulsa.

She was a beautiful Senorita

From the San Pedro Port to Lincoln Heights

Their love traveled up and down the red car

For 15 cents round trip.